Cheetham’s Pharmacy

514 Queen St, Saskatoon, SK,

S7K 0M5

Phone: 306-653-5112

Fax: 306-653-1661

Cheetham's Pharmacy Inc. is a BBB Accredited Pharmacy in Saskatoon, SK

514 Queen Street, Saskatoon SK​ - (306) 653-5111


Prescription Services in Saskatoon


Our events

Community health-related events are posted monthly. Please contact us to discuss partnership on health care presentations.

For over 20 years, Cheetham's Pharmacy has provided small town prescription services in Saskatoon. Our friendly team will gladly assist you with all your pharmacy needs.  

Cheetham's Pharmacy provides exemplary pharmaceutical care with extensive in-house services. If you can't come to the pharmacy, the pharmacy can come to you with our unique mobile service.

Cheetham's Pharmacy