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Prescription Services in Saskatoon

  • Full-time Pharmacist
  • Part-time Pharmacist
  • Part-time Pharmacy Tech
  • Full-time Pharmacy Tech
  • Delivery / Shuttle Service
  • Hair Stylist Partner
  • Part-time License Esthetician
  • Physician Partner

*Currently hiring casual Pharmacist and Technician- please send resume to pharmacy@shaw.ca

You can walk in off the street into our cozy location on 514 Queen Street or experience our excellent delivery service anywhere in the city. Cheetham's Pharmacy has been at the same location in Saskatoon for over 20+ years. 

Cheetham's Pharmacy has a vast array of clients from all walks of life. We are committed to meeting the individual needs of our valued patients. Everyone is welcome at Cheetham's! 

Cheetham’s Pharmacy
514 Queen St, Saskatoon, SK,

S7K 0M5
Phone: 306-653-5112
Fax: 306-653-1661

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At Cheetham's Pharmacy, patient overall health and satisfaction is our main priority. 

With our extensive pharmaceutical knowledge, our team is dedicated to providing the best possible health care while building strong relationships with our patients. As pharmacy knowledge evolves, Cheetham's Pharmacy continues to be informed about upcoming healthcare services and new therapy. 

  • ​​​Promote health & wellness 
  • Provide fast and accurate prescription service
  • Stay current on the latest trends and information for your healthcare needs
  • Respond to our clients inquiries and needs in a timely and urgent manner
  • Collaborate with other health care professionals and advocate for our clients to receive exceptional pharmacy care